Our Services

Bespoke Impact Advisory Services

We work closely with our clients to provide tailored services across the full spectrum of impact. We support our clients to achieve greater social and environmental impact through their investments and increased capacity to make data driven decisions.

Impact Strategy

We design impact strategies that credibly demonstrate to investors and other stakeholders an organisation’s impact goals and results. This includes: Theories of Change, Impact Measurement Frameworks, impact alignment and SFDR strategies

Impact Due Diligence and Execution

We design impact screening criteria and due diligence frameworks to ensure the selection of the most impactful investments.

Impact Measurement and Reporting

We develop impact measurement methodologies to evidence the impact created by the investment, undertake impact analysis and support effective reporting and communications

Impact Verification and Disclosure

We offer third party verification against standards such the Operating Principles for Impact Management (OPIM) and certification for other impact standards. Advisory on SFDR compliance and disclosure

Our Sectors of Focus

Financial Inclusion

2 billion people lacking access to savings, credit, pension and insurance services

SME Growth & Job Creation

SMEs, the engine of employment contribute just 16% to GDP in emerging markets

Climate Change & Biodiversity

13 million hectares of forests are being lost every year and more than 60% of the planet’s coral reefs are under threat due to overfishing, destructive practices, ocean acidification and development.

Energy Access

1.4 billion people without access to electricity, using unsafe and environmentally unfriendly energy solutions


1 billion lacking access to healthcare, clean water & sanitation

Food & Agriculture

800 million people affected by food insecurity, a majority of whom are subsistence farmers

Built Environment

1.2 billion people occupying crowded, inadequate and/or unsafe housing


263 million children and adolescents without access to quality, affordable education

We align to leading industry standards and frameworks