Practitioners’ Guide to Impact investing & Sustainability

June 10, 2021

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Partnerships for the Goals

As the impact investment industry develops with increasing interest and demand. We have released a report with Guernsey Finance to serve as a primer to private wealth practitioners for building their knowledge and understanding of the sustainable and impact investment ecosystem.

Justin Sykes, managing director of report author Innovest Advisory, said the guide is a useful tool for practitioners who want to introduce their clients to the concept of sustainable investing.

“We understand that it can be difficult for investment professionals to introduce the concept of sustainable and impact investing. We hope that this guide will enable them to start having those conversations with their clients and identify investment opportunities that are truly sustainable.

“The guide outlines the various stages of the process, from identifying the drivers behind a family’s aspirations to achieving meaningful impact, to creating a strategy and framework right through to the execution of the strategy and measuring its impact.”

Stephanie Glover, Green Finance Manager at Guernsey Finance, said: “This is a great development and demonstrates Guernsey’s position as a thought leader in green and impact investing as well as a commitment to sustainability that runs across the board in Guernsey’s financial services sector.

“This report will help to educate private wealth practitioners and family offices on impact investing and sustainability both in Guernsey and across the globe.”