Innovest Curates Social Investments that Improve Refugees’ Livelihoods

October 14, 2017

Decent Work and Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
No Poverty
Reduced inequalities

As refugee crises globally become increasingly protracted there is growing consensus on the need to move from a humanitarian response based model to one which takes more of long-term market-based approach to addressing refugee needs. Central to this new doctrine is the need to create jobs for refugees and stimulate economic development in both host and source communities. Significant amounts of capital are now being mobilised for such interventions but a key challenge exists – the lack of credible, commercially viable deal-flow.

At Innovest Advisory we identify initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for refugees and other forcibly displaced persons as well as seek to stimulate economic development in host communities and fragile and conflict-affected source countries. We place emphasis on micro and small enterprise development interventions as well as skills training, recruitment and job placement, corporate supply chains and infrastructure and public services projects.

We work to facilitate the resources, overcome obstacles, and bring together partners from the public and private sectors, required to maximise the ability of these projects to improve refugee and forced migrant outcomes.

Innovest developed a brochure providing a comprehensive overview of its work in identifing and supporting market-based solutions to the global refugee and forced migration crisis, including three case studies from around the world.