World Refugee Day

June 19, 2018

No Poverty
Reduced inequalities

Innovest stands #WithRefugees today on World Refugee Day. Today is a day on which we commemorate the courage of millions of refugees. It is a key opportunity to show support for families that have been forced to flee conflict and persecution, and for impact investors to start thinking about how they could support market-based solutions to the global refugees crisis.

These solutions operate along the displacement continuum including investments in refugee inclusive businesses in source countries which contribute to peacebuilding and stability, that provide sustainable livelihoods for refugees in host countries and also facilitate the successful intervention of refugees into countries of asylum. Innovest is working with a broad range of socially motivated investors and refugee inclusive businesses to unlock opportunities to support refugee livelihoods at scale.

We provide technical and developmental understanding of the refugee issue and share knowledge on best practice as well as source and curate deal flow of commercial investments that intentionally benefit refugees and/or host communities.

Innovest is a critical partner in the debate on best practice approaches to refugee-inclusive business activities and refugee focused impact investing through its membership in key networks such as the Tent Foundation, Business Fights Poverty and the Alight Fund.

There are a growing number of opportunities to invest in businesses or projects that can create sustainable livelihoods for refugees and that stimulate local economic development for communities globally.