Innovest joins the Future Generations Panel in Guernsey

March 16, 2018


“What can the financial sector do to improve the wellbeing of current and Future Generations?​”

#FutureGenerations is day-long conference on the Environment and Sustainability held this Saturday 17 March at St James.

This Youth-led event [organised by Adam Sparkes, Tom Rylatt, Pieter Durman and Cameron Ashplant] is will engage the States of Guernsey, industry leaders, economists and environmentalists to explore how Guernsey can become a global leader in environmental sustainability.

Sanne Schouwenburg will represent Innovest Advisory at this event, speaking on a panel which will address potential contribution of the Finance sector in Guernsey to this objective.

Sanne will present on Innovest Advisory work with both impact investors and social enterprises in using market-based approaches to tackle key environmental and sustainability challenges such as climate change, sustainable food production and renewable energy production in Guernsey and abroad.