Innovest joins Tent Partnership

May 9, 2018

No Poverty
Reduced inequalities

Tent Partnership is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives of over 20 million men, women & children forcibly displaced from their home countries. The Tent Foundation works closely with businesses to help them develop and implement concrete commitments to support and empower refugees.

Recently, Innovest advisory joined the Tent Partnership and is joining their annual meeting on May 11th. Justin Sykes, our managing director will join a panel discussion on investing in refugees.

There is emerging evidence that refugee populations have high rates of entrepreneurship. For example, Building Markets has found that Syrians have started more than 6,000 companies in Turkey. Yet, many refugees are unable to access capital to start or grow new enterprises that could contribute to local development and create jobs, both for refugees and for host communities. In this session, learn how and why investors are driving capital to refugee entrepreneurs and refugee businesses in a number of different industries, and hear their perspective on how these investments complement their broader portfolios.

Justin will specifically address how Innovest attracts investors to support refugees and refugee outcomes, how we identify a pipeline of refugee projects to support and highlight investable projects in a diverse range of countries, including Turkey, Kenya, Uganda and Somalia.

  • Moderator: Katrina Ngo, Senior Manager, Network Membership, Global Impact Investing Network
  • Artemis Seaford, Executive Director, Ascend Venture Fund
  • Udi Ronen, Associate Principal, Soros Economic Development Fund
  • Justin Sykes, Managing Director, Innovest